How do I reserve?

Sunrise times change here, and the type of trip we do varies daily, so we don’t post a set schedule.

Where do we fish from?

We are located out of Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor, 2494 Niumalu Road. The harbor is on the southeast side of the island, five minutes south of Lihue International Airport. Click here to view the Google Map Directions to the boat.

What are ocean and weather conditions?

Outside of Nawiliwili, wind conditions are typically 10-15 knots, and the waves are 3 to 5 feet. Conditions can vary throughout the year. For Kauai marine weather click here.

What is your catch policy?

In Hawaii, the boat makes the call on all fish caught. Our policy is that you don’t go home hungry. We will cut up enough fish for you to eat during your stay, as long as the fish is less than 25 pounds. Anything over 25 pounds stays with the boat. These fish go to market and help to recoup expenses such as lost lures and broken equipment.

On a shared trip, everyone shares the catch. That means that if another party catches one type of fish, and you catch another, both will walk away with both fish if wanted. This also means that if you don’t catch anything, and somebody else does, you still will get some fish to take home.

What do I wear?

Generally, you should dress like you are going to the beach. A T-shirt, shorts, shoes, sunglasses and maybe a hat are great. We usually have some sunscreen on the boat, but be sure to pack your own. We provide rain jackets if needed.

What is provided?

We provide all of the fishing gear and lures that you will need. We also provide a cooler with ice and sodas. We have rain jackets on the boat.

What should I bring?

All you need to bring are snacks, food, and beer if you’d like. Captain Don always appreciates a bad joke or two as well.

I have a special medical condition – can I go?

Please advise the captain of any medical conditions upon booking the trip. The weather and water conditions can trigger discomfort of some conditions which is the last thing we want! Let us know how we can help you!

What time do you go?

For our morning trips, we ask that you get to the boat by 5:45 am so that we can be off the dock by 6 am. For our afternoon trips, we ask that you arrive by 10:45 am.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do require a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) to reserve your trip. If you give us notice more than 48 hours before your scheduled trip, there is no charge for cancelling. Within 48 hours, it is a 50% charge, and if you are a no show or cancel within 12 hours of your trip, it is full charge. Of course, if the captain decides that weather conditions are too rough and unsafe, there is no cancellation charge.

What kind of boat do you have?

The Happy Ryder is a 39 foot Hatteras boat, a type of boat custom built on the big island of Hawaii. The fishing area is a wide open deck, with a cushioned box seat (6 feet x 6 feet). There are 2 gimbals so that 2 anglers can fight fish at once. There is also a shaded cabin area and a fly bridge.

What are the restroom/toilet facilities?

We do have a restroom on the boat. There are also restroom facilities at the harbor.

How many passengers are there on a trip?

On a shared trip, there are no less than 4 and no more than 6 people. On a private trip, there can be from one person up to 6 people.

Young kiddos – can they come with me?

Fishing is fun, boating is fun, unless your little one is not up for it. Please make us aware if your first hand mate is your first born so we can determine if the conditions will treat us well, assuring a good time for all!

What are your rates?


  • 4 hour trip $150/person
  • 6 hour trip $225/person


  • 4 hour trip $750 for the boat (up to 6 passengers)
  • 6 hour trip $950
  • 8 hour trip $1250
  • Spectator Rate: ½ Price IF space is available.

These rates do not include taxes and fees, which come out to 10%.

When should I make a reservation?

If you desire a particular date, try to contact us at least 3 weeks out. Of course, feel free to call anytime.

Who will be the captain?

Captain Don strives to be the captain on all trips due to his love of fishing. However, life does happen, even to him. If Captain Don can’t be there, rest assured that the captain is well qualified.

What kinds of fish will I catch?

Kauai has four types of tuna: Yellowfin, big-eye, aku (skipjack tuna) and kawa kawa (wavy back tuna). We also have mahi, ono, and two (2) kinds of marlin, bule and striped. On rare occasions, we catch spearfish and sailfish. We can also bottom fish, where you can expect to catch grey snapper, amberjack, trevali, barracuda and sharks. Please see our fishing calendar for more details.